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Real estate is a legal term covering immovable land along with permanent fixtures including buildings, fences, wells etc on the location. Real estate has developed as a major area of business today involving specialized services such as management, investment and marketing in different areas like commercial, corporate and residential real estate.about

We are a premier real estate property business in  Kenya. We are deal in real estate advertisement dealing with online-based consumer services catering to Kenyans the world over. Our services include property sale, rental and property exhibitions.

rangesestates.com is a platform for Builders, Real Estate Agents, Sellers and Landlords to collectively advertise their listings on the Internet. It also serves as a resource base and medium for prospective buyers across the globe who wish to search for land/property in  Kenya.

Meet Our Team

Director – Godfrey Mugo

I strive to spur development through affordable land, access roads, water and electricity for growing Kenyan within their means.


Director – Gladys Muhunyo

As a champion of self empowerment, i believe real estate investment provides an avenue for growth and security for all.


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    Office location: Gate house 5th floor, Room 500
    P. O. BOX 2970-20100,
    Nakuru, Kenya
    Email: sales@rangesestates.com